To play with the source, you should use:

mkdir gof
cd gof
virtualenv .
. bin/activate
git clone git://

#.... Have Fun using gof interactively ...


Using gof interactively


Boring simple:

python -i -mgof


bpython is an interactive console for python available normally as a binary package in your prefered binary distribution, or with pip install. Its strength lies in the completion, syntax highlihting, the ability to save your session either locally, or snapshot it on bpaste in one keystroke (with its screen output):

bpython -i -mgof


ipython is pretty much identical to bpython except it is the regular interactive session for pylab. So ... it is the tool of choice for dynamic plotting. you loose the cool saving part when you want to exchange your code.

Using ipython is a bit more complicated once you have typed:

ipython -i

you have to manually type

>>> from gof.console import *
>>> intro()


Please read the forewords, and sign with your blood you are fully aware this is code is not PEP8 compliant, and not pythonic. It pretty much brings back the fun of a BASIC like language for playing with game of life.

For the sake of fun some twists to purity are pretty much acceptable at my opinion. It is not a serious project: it is a game.


In serious projects :
  • NEVER import *
  • NEVER use global variables

If you do so, even me will curse your descendants mustache for 7 generations.