Using the playground

Gof console is leaving you with a depressing empty shell you want to play with.

Global evil variables

  • DEAD or ALIVE : because True and False are too mainstream;
  • grid : your playground;
  • pixel : the pattern to draw a pixel;
  • oscillator, still, glider : a non exhaustive list of singular patterns in game

Global evil function


A cheat sheet of the console


It is a builtin of python interpreter. Abuse it, this one might be useful:

>>> help grid

bleach(grid, x, y, atlernative_empty_mutable_array=x*y*[DEAD])

Cleans the grid of any living cells, and set time to 0

if X and Y is specified, resize the grid.

You can specify an alternative 1D sequence of mutable as a backend. Just remember to allocate enough space.

at(grid, x,y ,pattern=pixel, state=ALIVE)

Set at the position x,y the pattern given as an argument in the grid

dirty(times=1, list_of_pattern)

Set one random pattern at a random position in the grid.

evolve(grid, time=100,speed )

Make the grid evolve n times according to Conway’s Rules. Default speed is waiting 1sec after each print. If speed is “unseeable” then, It will evolve quietly at full speed.