Foreword: Dont Do This at Home !


Please don’t

  • from module import *
  • if you do so (which is bad) don’t forget to define __all__

I guess I have no excuse others than lazyness. But I find it so easier to use.

Pathetic excuse #1

I am doing a conway game of life’s Domain Specific Language, and this is the easiest way to do it.

Pathetic excuse #2

Pretty easy to use and code :)

Pathetic excuse #3

I am a rebel.


  • usable console
  • pypi package, because it make doc shorter.
  • spotted a bug in reset (TOFIX)
  • default backend is hint
  • changed the code so that conway rules are only a turing machine encoded as an int
  • added the grid.mutate(nb_flip=n) that flip randomly nbits in the conway code
v 0.1.2
  • Added another demo demo2 to show the result of flipping n bit on a cellular automata

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